Just some experiments

I'm always learning new stuff. From photography to ... wel Gantry in Wordpress. Time to share some insights.


Borrowed my dad's Sony A7s, now I bought my own A7II. Still can't take a good picture to save my life though.


I have been building websites for a long time. I'm slowly getting better at it ;) .


Pays the bills!

Short bio

After obtaining my degree in International Relations I started out as a social media consultant at Buzzcapture in Amsterdam. A career in online marketing was started. After a short stint freelancing I started out as a general online marketeer at Hotelprofessionals. This is where I met my first SEO-consultant and quickly decided, I want to be one of those. So I made the switch and here I am.

A good SEO knows how to build a website. If you can't you don't have the basic understanding needed to even start learning how search engines work. Furthermore, you won't have to vocabulary to talk to developers. Does every brick layer need to know how bricks are baked to build a wall? No. But where not building walls are we. We are building complicated informational hierarchies that we want to have rank well.