Bart Wagener - SEO specialist

Hi, I'm Bart

I am an international senior SEO-specialist. I am specialized in global / international SEO and love to scale solutions. I currently work for FedEx.

I love to build

Building sites along with copywriting got me into SEO. Building a site every know and then keeps both those skills sharp. 

My Short Story

I have been building sites since I was about 15 years old. I wrote for several blogs during my time as a student. After graduating copywriting seemed to be my path. Until I bumped into an SEO-specialist... 
When the planeteers put their rings together, they form captain planet. When I put my real world work experience together back in 2010, it formed an SEO-specialist. If you can build, you can write, you have a sufficient understanding of data AND you can talk to regular people about it you might just be an SEO-specialist.
While working for a cool Hotel Vacancy startup called Hotelprofessionals I bumped into my first real world SEO-specialist. He showed keyword research and I was hooked right away. You know what really got my attention? Vlookups... weird, I know but it is still my favorite formula even though upgrades exist.
Blink your eyes twice and two years go by. My responsibilities grew into e-mail marketing, automation and even a fair chunk of offline marketing. But I wanted to nothing but SEO. So I switched to an agency.

Servicing SMB's with SEO was my proving ground. From helping out sole proprietors to financial unicorns such as Mollie Payments, I did it all.
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My Satisfied Clients

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My Skills

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Of course I have one... Well not yet but at some point I will get the itch to practice my e-mail marketing skills again. So collecting some e-mails until I do.
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